JournalCon 2003


The following people made invaluable contributions to bidding and planning this conference. The Committee owes you a beer or three!

Anna Beth of Hashai, who designed and hosted our beautiful bid pages for 2002 and 2003, served on the 2003 Host Committee, and has been an overall superstar and great resource.

The JournalCon 2002 committee for sharing their experiences, especially Beth and Jen Wade, who have been saintly patient in answering our many questions.

Kramer of Astrofish, who contributed to the 2002 and 2003 bids, and provides continuous astrological guidance and local color.

Greg Bueno of Austin Stories, who is kind enough to host the official 2003 website and designed an ass-kicking custom registration form for your online convenience.

Iko of Woolgathering, who provided a lovely selection of custom graphics from which we selected the 2003 official con logo.

Shannon at the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, who paved the way for an effortless hotel selection process with her vast knowledge.

All the folks who gave their input on past and future conferences, too numerous to mention (plus, we promised them anonymity).