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Omar G. of Terribly Happy

Omar is a writer and editor living in Austin, Texas, who wants desperately to love you right. He recaps the show "Smallville" for Television Without Pity and has also written for Fametracker and Hissyfit. He's a member of the DamnHellAssKings Web portal and in his professional life, has written for the Austin American-Statesman, the Wall Street Journal, Windows Magazine, Hispanic Magazine, and the Tulsa World. He lives in Austin with two cats (one mean, one not) and writes and performs with the Latino Comedy Project, a sketch comedy troupe.

Pineapple of Pineapple-Girl

Drinks too much, talks about politics too much, but otherwise a very nice girl who wants y'all to come visit Austin.

Greg of 日々の本

Five Things to Know About Greg:

  • He's a gay man trapped in a straight man's body. That's not as sexy as you think it sounds.
  • His favorite songwriter is Mukai Shuutoku. Mukai sings about school girls who fantasize about suicidal samurai.
  • On weekdays, he's a tech industry drone. On weekends, he's a bitter record store clerk.
  • He is such a geek, he cut up a "Waterloo Records" bumper sticker to read "Law and Order" (a show of which he watches way too much).
  • He really isn't part of the Journalcon committee because he hasn't been to any of the meetings.

Jette of celluloid eyes

Jette has lived in Austin for 11 years and has kept a personal Web page for about five of those years. Under another name, she works as a tech writer. Jette's current online journal site is celluloid eyes, where she likes to talk about movies (just a little) and tell stories about her colorful relatives.

Tim of Tim's Lounge

Declared by Tim to be The Best Site You're Not Reading, Tim's Lounge has been around in one form or another for about two and a half years. Tim is a man of many interests, which of course makes for an interesting site. Recent adventures that have been lovingly recapped and described on his site include his many trips to large discount retailers at midnight, weekends of sin with many fellow hirsute hefty gay men, and bitchy captions he's added to random photos he finds on the web. Tim is the Information Systems Director for a non-profit, and he loves his job very, very much.

Devota of

"I started a web log on a whim last year. I wanted to do a digest of my life so that my friends all over the world could just click and find out what I am up to. I am told I lead an exciting life and always get questions about what I am up to. I work in the music industry, I have been doing that for 20 some years. I have been on the edge of the web for the boom and the bust of the .com. I also like NASCAR racing, am involved in local/Texas politics. I travel frequently, have a full time job and just have a good fun life."

Rachel of A Day in the Life

Rachel has been journalling for almost three years now. If you ask her nicely, she might tell you where to find the juicy stuff. She has lived in Austin for eight years and has a hard time imagining living anyplace else. She wants you to come visit Austin, too, so you can see what all the fuss is about. Please don't move here, though -- the job market is bad enough as it is!